Data - Driven
Innovation Services

Harnessing the power of Data and AI to create Business Value

86% of CEOs consider digital technologies and AI to be the priority № 1 for their companies

New types of income

New revenues will be obtained through the use of AI-based products and services (source: Gartner)

Improved Customer Experience

95% Customer interactions will be carried out using AI tools on 2025 (source: Servion)

Lower operating costs

Using AI for routine operations brings significant savings in operating costs

Increased productivity

By 2025, over 50 employers believe that managers in finance, marketing, and sales will require expertise in data analysis and AI (source: Business-Higher Education Forum).

Increase asset efficiency

AI can potentialy be used to manage assets, improve forecasting, detect defects and improve net savings

Risk reduction

AI is a tool to achieve the strategic goals to take decisions on risk assessment of Clients in real time

Advanced analytics & AI use cases

Our approach to implement Advanced Analytics and AI Solutions

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