Document Management System

At Alight, we prefer to implement document management on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint or SharePoint Online from Office 365, as it is the ideal basis for implementing document management.

Project management with is a central platform for effective task and document management based on SharePoint Online and Office 365.

The focus here is clearly on security in project handling, clarity and transparency.

Content Management

Content management systems (CMS) or content services provide the platform for all intranets, employee portals and web-based platforms for accessing all relevant content.


Collaboration solutions support decentralised collaboration in defined groups of teams separated by time or space.

We use Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft SharePoint Online as platforms for collaboration projects.

Operations and support

We offer our customers smooth operation and reliable support for solutions developed by us as well as existing solutions, which can also be used worldwide.

Order processing

Modern user-friendly software for professional controlling is indispensable. Alight is characterised by its agile way of working, responds to customer wishes and develops the applications with an eye to the future.

10 years Alight – Thank you!

Our 10-year company anniversary symbolises not only the numerous customers and partners we have had the pleasure of meeting and supporting over the past 10 years, but also the many employees who have accompanied us on our journey so far.

Project Portfolio Management

The project portfolio and based on it, the project management, create significant challenges, especially for big companies. Default solutions are most of the time not adequately adjusted for internal processes, the many data sources with their respective project details can only, if at all, be tied with eachother after a lengthy, significant effort. The Power […]

Incident Management

Time is money! Especially in IT our various devices assist us daily at completing our tasks. But because of this we find it even more annoying if we encounter an obstruction and want it solved as soon as possible. The Incident Management manages all processes, events or faults of devices spread all over their lifecycle. […]

Travels abroad for Employees

A business trip abroad isn’t “just” working at a different location for your employee. Travelling this way is subject to a reporting obligation, that varies from country to country. Unfortunately the obligatory document requirement that goes hand-in-hand with this is often complex and includes plenty of exceptions and specifics. If you want to avoid paying […]