Project Portfolio Management

The project portfolio and based on it, the project management, create significant challenges, especially for big companies. Default solutions are most of the time not adequately adjusted for internal processes, the many data sources with their respective project details can only, if at all, be tied with eachother after a lengthy, significant effort. The Power […]

Incident Management

Time is money! Especially in IT our various devices assist us daily at completing our tasks. But because of this we find it even more annoying if we encounter an obstruction and want it solved as soon as possible. The Incident Management manages all processes, events or faults of devices spread all over their lifecycle. […]

Travels abroad for Employees

A business trip abroad isn’t “just” working at a different location for your employee. Travelling this way is subject to a reporting obligation, that varies from country to country. Unfortunately the obligatory document requirement that goes hand-in-hand with this is often complex and includes plenty of exceptions and specifics. If you want to avoid paying […]

Orderning materials in Meeting halls

Who hasn’t experienced this before?! The Meeting has started, ideas are flowing, but unfortunately the last page of the flip chart has been used or the pens stop writing clearly. This can be an easy fix, by just quickly getting new material … if there is anything left. What would really help, would be a […]

Appraisals for Real Estate

In the course of creating an appraisel for Real Estate properties, you often have to combine data, documments and photos of the property into a file. With the help of an app you can keep the maintenance effort low and bundle various information in only a few steps: the filebased storage of appraisals takes place […]

Travel request with the A1 Form

Announce your travel into abroad european countries comfortably on the go, acquire all the data for the A1 forms from your Android or iOS device and forward it with a simple click, all thanks to a mobile Power App. The processautomation takes place with Power Automate Flow and the request data is saved in SharePoint […]

Smart Housekeeping

Provide your hotel guests a feeling of extra service. Apart from a welcoming reception proactive action is just as important. Let your guest know, when the room is ready and automate this process in an App: Your housekeeping-staff just has to report the cleaning status of the hotelroom via phone. At the same time, your […]

Membership Administration

Public and regional associations, cooperatives and various other institutions manage their members and their data with files. More often than not you will find that this is based on a process filled with various tasks, ranging from the introduction of a new member all the way to their termination. Power Automate Flow is predestined for […]

Optimizing the employment contract

Different countries, different contract components! You can use the Power App tools individually in a module-oriented way, to create international employment contract documents. Power Automate Flow offers you the possibilities to automate the process of compiling country specific contract terms and even sending out the contract offer to the applicant. This makes it possible for […]

Microsoft Teams Governance

Microsoft Teams usage and distribution increased rapidly, maybe even too rapid. Many companies chose to implement it, so that its lively use created a bit of confusion after a few months. Countless channels and groups were created and external apps were integrated. Employees felt uncertain, where to store all of this. To encourage the advantage […]