Alight serves large and medium-sized clients from various industries in the conceptual design and implementation of solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. The long experience and the high level of technical know-how of our experts allow us to deliver you world-class solutions.​​

Pharma Technology

Business processes are often subject to extensive compliance requirements and high obligatory documentation requirement of work processes when it comes to the pharmaceuticals and medical devices industry. IT processes are no exception to this field and follow the same rules. Furthermore, product life-cycles are long and characterized by high-quality standards.

Our experience in this sector is connected with the design of document management and archiving solutions as well as their cross-system implementations, like with SharePoint and SAP. Our experts for software quality management know well the industry’s specific requirements.

Trade and Services

​The new possibilities provided by the internet pose great potentials for innovative companies in the retail and service sector to hedge their current business as well as to create a new business. Connecting distributed branches, analyzing consolidated business data and combining centralized and decentralized components are some of the IT challenges in this sector.

Alight consultants have the required experience to master process complexity and to provide a significant contribution to project success, especially in the field of online retail. For communication with distributed branches, they design company portals which help to optimize the communication flow and facilitate the flow of goods. Contract management, order management or event management are some of the numerous possibilities to use SharePoint as a central application platform in this sector.

Manufacturing Industries

No matter if you look at batch production or single-item production, manufacturing industry is becoming more and more global. Manufacturing companies rely on continuously improving their primary and secondary processes. In order to be a key player in the global competition, highly innovative products have to be produced at the lowest feasible costs.

Our experts know these business processes from the heart. And they know with which modern and integrated applications they can be further improved. Hence, they analyze the business processes, identify optimization potentials, develop IT strategies and compile an IT project portfolio. Further on, they implement applications based on SharePoint and SAP which help to improve procurement processes, support order fulfillment and increase the efficiency of support processes like e-recruiting or service management.

Construction Industries

Planning and coordinated execution of myriad work steps, creating transparency of processes and their costs: these are just a few challenges for companies in the building and construction business, especially if in distributed structures. Modern, user-friendly software can be of great help for professional project management.

The same applies to portals for suppliers and employees. Our experts have created many of those applications and know about the challenges during implementation.​​​​​​​

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