Microsoft Teams Governance

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Microsoft Teams usage and distribution increased rapidly, maybe even too rapid. Many companies chose to implement it, so that its lively use created a bit of confusion after a few months. Countless channels and groups were created and external apps were integrated. Employees felt uncertain, where to store all of this. To encourage the advantage of collaborations within a company and not let chaos that creates discontent reign, organising structures have to be implemented.

Templates might be the key to your solution. Establish a few “rules” in advance or make suggestions to your employees on how a room should be created. The transparency is increased solely by the fact that the structure of the rooms, the naming and the content (channels, apps, etc.) are similar. With a level approval process via a Power App, the structure could be preserved and involuntary growth prevented. Allow us to advise you and assist with the implementation, so you and your employees will continue to happily use Microsoft Teams and enable a “healthy growth”.