Order processing

The planning and coordinated execution of countless work steps, the creation of transparency about processes and their costs

Alight order processing

The planning and coordinated execution of countless work steps, the creation of transparency about processes and their costs – and this with distributed structures – are some of the challenges of large companies in various industries. Modern user-friendly software for professional controlling is indispensable. Alight is characterised by its agile way of working, responds to customer wishes and develops applications with an eye to the future.

Since the beginning, we have supported our customers in the area of order processing. Our goal is to accompany our customers in the long term and thus create a trusting and open business relationship. Our Alight experts have already designed such applications many times and know about the challenges of implementation.

Industry expertise

Construction industry

For our customers in the construction industry who deal with the handling of construction projects and their controlling, we develop software that makes it possible to manage projects centrally. The aim is to provide a software platform to manage and control (construction) projects and ultimately to generate the corresponding reports. It is important for our customers to have a very good control over the projects with the help of visualised project processes, so-called maps. It is therefore crucial to depict these maps for different types of projects in the software. But what exactly happens in these maps? The maps include phases, milestones and partial milestones as well as the responsibilities for the respective project goals.

In the respective projects, the user gets an overview of these responsibilities, the actual and target deadlines and much more. In order to complete a milestone, various criteria must be fulfilled. A complex traffic light system creates the additional benefit that the milestones can be checked and the checklists they contain can be worked through. A core component of the software is thus controlling.

Financial sector

In the financial sector, we developed a tool that enables the responsible persons to commission and change all IT-relevant items of the individual bank branches. The goal is for the respective service department to be able to control the set budget and understand what the existing budget is used for. From the review of the orders, to the approval, to the summary of the budget, all processes are covered by the software.

With the template created, orders can be placed by the user. Orders are requested for one branch at a time, with existing equipment listed, and all changes, new purchases and other services are requested, approved and carried out through the system. This is an integrated order processing system in which the orders are compiled and plausibility-checked with the invoices for these services, in addition to being assigned to invoicing categories and cost units. Here, too, the overriding goal is to enable comprehensible controlling of the bank branches. Various controlling reports can be issued with the help of the tool, some of which are transmitted to the management level. In addition, the solution contains an Incident Overview, in which the reported faults are evaluated. The system has been in productive use since 2018 and the number of users is continuously increasing. The big challenge in this environment was to comply with the data protection guidelines and security regulations in the banking environment.


Construction industry

The interface and operation run via a SharePoint server, while the data is held in an external SQL database. The integrated web service communicates between these two applications. To create reports, evaluate the data and ensure clean controlling, our customers use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. JavaScript is used for the interfaces. As a partner tool, we use Aspose to generate PDF documents.

Financial sector

The goal of our software development is always the ability to run on different SharePoint environments up to SharePoint Online in the Microsoft 365 platform. To this end, regression and feature tests are carried out on a weekly basis, among other things. The solution uses SharePoint add-ins and sandbox solutions; due to internal guidelines, no server-side adjustments can be made here either. JavaScript frameworks such as KendoUI, Bootstrap and ALASQL are used for the SharePoint Add-In. PowerShell was used as the console language for offline interfaces to Excel files and Oracle databases. The test environment is located on Microsoft 365, so that a direct switch to a new SharePoint version is possible without any effort and the solution thus remains future-proof.

Not everyone can create customised and highly complex applications, but we can! We write your individual and complex software for the respective use case and adapt to the respective industry down to the last detail. We are also happy to look after you as our customer on a long-term basis. From the offer to the support, we are a reliable partner for you.

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