Orderning materials in conference rooms

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Who hasn’t experienced this before?! The Meeting has started, ideas are flowing, but unfortunately the last page of the flip chart has been used or the pens stop writing clearly. This can be an easy fix, by just quickly getting new material … if there is anything left.

What would really help, would be a constant documentation of the tools and it’s inventory, to instantly tell the backoffice about the shortage. In rare cases, the person who used up the material, also has to stock it up again. By using an app on your phone or tablet, we can easily help you solve this problem. A mobile device scans the QR-code of the needed object, which has been placed as a sticker onto the wall near the material. The scan instantly records the consumption, the location and the requester, automatically. When the “alarm system” recognizes the upcoming consumption, it either notifies via email or can directly order the item. Let us go through your operational area together and find a suitable solution for you!