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Project management at Alight

In an environment with many projects, a holistic overview of all employees, projects and customers is essential. Nevertheless, planning, managing and controlling projects is a challenge for many companies.

At Alight Consulting GmbH, we attach great importance to security in project handling, clarity and transparency and have created our own project management tool for successful project management. is a central platform for effective task and document management based on SharePoint Online and Office 365. - Your benefits

Central availability of project-relevant information creates an excellent basis for efficient collaboration through the central availability of all project-relevant information and the best possible support for project teams consisting of internal and external team members.

Status information via traffic lights

With our project management solution, projects can be grouped into different subject areas or customers/partners. Via traffic lights, which can be set by the project manager or calculated automatically, status information is displayed at different levels of detail. Project managers thus have easy access to information and managers are supported in the coordination of several projects.

High user friendliness offers well-designed functionalities, overviews and ease of use. User roles, pre-configured project plans, activities and documents can be created depending on the project type or automatically provided when a project is created. This saves users time and provides standardised content for secure and uniform project implementation right from the start.

Role-based cockpits

Role-based cockpits conveniently summarise the relevant data for the different user groups. The timely coordination and processing of various activities is regulated via responsibilities and enables the structured recording, search and retrieval of content. Project-related documents are stored in SharePoint document libraries and can be directly linked to activities.

Effective task and document management combines effective task and document management with integrated project management components, such as traffic light control, project planning and a set of project management templates based on classic and agile project methods. This supports both the maintenance of transparency and security in the project as well as the cooperation of all project participants. - Dashboard

In practice - customer project

Through the introduction of, we were also able to provide excellent support to our customer and partner KUMAVISION AG in their daily project business. As a provider of innovative ERP and CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365, KUMAVISION used an activity management system in which all project-relevant tasks were managed. As the number of customers and projects increased, so did the challenge of finding a quick and clear solution. With, KUMAVISION can now manage over 900 clients, 1,900 projects, 3,700 external users, 160,000 activities and 190,000 documents in a secure, high-performance and user-friendly solution.

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