Travels abroad for Employees

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A business trip abroad isn’t “just” working at a different location for your employee. Travelling this way is subject to a reporting obligation, that varies from country to country. Unfortunately the obligatory document requirement that goes hand-in-hand with this is often complex and includes plenty of exceptions and specifics. If you want to avoid paying high fines, you have to prepare precisely and as soon as possible for travelling abroad. Employment contracts containing instructions from the state of employment, local minimum wages, filled in A1 forms, a negative Covid-test or even more reporting obligation documents depending on the target country are relevant for preparing the travel of your employee.

Avoid expensive consequences and prepare in advance for such scenarios. Showcase the whole process in an app and capture the various data all in one spot. Create a place to bundle the filling in of travel details, queries and approval of HR all in one. A shared access of the employee and HR makes it easy to fill in all relevant travel details and documents togeteher. Using the mobile Power App, your employee can access over his Android or iOS device at anytime the required documents. Send out your employees prepared on their business trip and start thinking now about the assignments of tomorrow!