Case Study MAN

MAN House of Policies

The re-implementation of a comprehensive policy management portal for the MAN SE Group and its subgroups is a huge and essential step towards transparency, compliance and a simple and reliable implementation process.

With the MAN House of Policies (HoP) portal, information asymmetries and a difficult and complex policy control are a thing of the past. Policies are available in up to fourteen languages and are adapted to local conditions.

“With the House of Policies, we have created an excellent solution for the policy management of the MAN group. Thanks to the customized implementation, it can be operated very efficiently. I feel especially happy about the positive feedback we got from all user groups.”

Boris Fey
Projektleiter MAN SE

The migration of the existing portal into the new HoP posed a challenge to all persons involved. The complex enactment process and the various types of policies had to be company-compliant, user-friendly, and it also had to be presented in a clear way. These include the corporate guidelines of MAN SE, the guidelines of its subgroups and the company guidelines. The necessary but extensive approval chain had to be guaranteed and complied with. Der komplexe Inkraftsetzungsprozess und die verschiedenen Arten der Richtlinien mussten unternehmenskonform, benutzerfreundlich und anschaulich abgebildet werden. Hierzu gehören Konzernrichtlinien von MAN SE, Teilkonzernrichtlinien und Firmenrichtlinien. Die notwendige, aber umfangreiche Zustimmungskette musste entsprechend sichergestellt und eingehalten werden.

From the beginning, the user-friendliness is assured. At the first time the employee registers at the MAN HoP, a page opens where it is possible to assign the employee to a company. Furthermore, they can choose the preferred language for the user interface as well as for the documents. Additionally, more languages for displaying the guidelines can be chosen if the preferred language isn’t available. Bei der ersten Anmeldung im MAN HoP öffnet sich eine Einstellungsseite für die Zuordnung des Mitarbeiters zur entsprechenden Unternehmensrolle. Weiterhin wählt er seine bevorzugte Oberflächensprache sowie die bevorzugte Dokumentsprache. Zusätzlich lassen sich weitere Sprachen angeben, in der die Richtlinien angezeigt werden, wenn sie in der gewünschten Sprache nicht verfügbar sind.

The home page has a plain look to facilitate the overview. News are displayed with a slider. The news management allows the setting of the current news. The search function is the central element on the home page. This allows the employee to search in „My Policies“ or in all MAN SE guidelines. In order to make the search simple, refinements can be made by type (group, subgroup, or group company policies), by regulatory area or scope and by language. In addition, a predefined search can be saved and called up again. The administrator can turn his own private search into a public search, which anyone can access.

The „My Policies“ tab allows the employee to see all policies that are valid for them and that have successfully completed the necessary enactment process. Additionally, we attached great importance to a logical order. First, the employee sees all corporate policies, then the subgroup policies. With neutral and editorial changes, the visibility remains untouched. When the content of a major version is changed, it is necessary to get the approval of all management bodies from the approval chain. Until then, the changed version will not be visible to the employee.

The HoP also has an archive search with all guidelines that are currently valid or invalid. Here you can filter for a certain period of time and thus see, which directive was valid for the company in the past.

The reporting area displays, where specific policies are located in the different subgroups or companies and whether the management bodies gave any feedback during the enactment process of a policy.

User permissions is specific to the company’s rights management and is carried out by the administrator. For easy communication, a user notification according to the assigned role is possible.

The extensive re-implementation of the MAN HoP was an exciting and informative process for both sides. The more user-friendly interface completes the successful project and enables a simple and reliable administration and adherence to all MAN policies.

“In a very dynamic environment, Alight was always able to respond flexibly and very competently to change requests from our department and to implement them successfully.”

Gordon Petersen
IT Projektleiter


The MAN group is one of the leading mechanical engineering companies in Europe. In 2017, it generated annual sales of around €14.3 billion. The primary output is for the automotive industry: MAN supplies trucks, buses, transporters, diesel engines, turbomachinery, as well as special gearboxes. The company employs about 54,300 employees worldwide. Since November 2011, it is a subsidiary of automaker Volkswagen AG and a subsidiary of the TRATON AG since 2015.

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