Collaboration solutions for efficient cooperation

What are collaboration solutions?

Collaboration solutions support decentralised cooperation in defined groups of teams separated by time or space.

In contrast to strongly transaction-oriented and process-defined procedures (e.g. invoice verification, incoming material inspection), the activities in the team are usually more complex and unstructured, as distributed information is required for processing.

Collaboration at Alight

The implementation of collaboration solutions has been one of Alight’s core areas since its foundation. Our experience goes back to SharePoint Portal Server 2001, since when we have supported all migrations up to SharePoint Server 2019 and Office 365.

Collaboration solutions have a very high priority for most of our customers. Therefore, we have already gained experience in many different industries. These include insurance companies, services, the automotive industry, the public sector and the energy industry. One of our reference projects is the intranet of PIERIS Pharmaceuticals GmbH – a company in the pharmaceutical industry, where an intranet and collaboration rooms were holistically realised with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. We will continue to accompany customers like these, because understanding the tools and the new ways of working also results in new processes within the company and with their partners.

Technologies & Platforms

As a platform for collaboration projects, we use Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft SharePoint Online. Collaboration tools include Microsoft Teams, Planner, OneDrive and the Microsoft Office Desktop Suite. For publishing content, we use Microsoft Stream for videos and Yammer as a social network.

Other technologies we use to implement our projects include Azure Services, Microsoft Dynamics, the Microsoft Power Platform with Power Apps and Power Automate, connections to SAP, various document management systems, modern web technologies and client-side scripting (JavaScript, React, NodeJS, AngularJS).

In many of our projects, we are supported by applications from our partner companies. Thanks to modern modular solutions, we can deliver customisable solutions more quickly, which are also automatically developed further through their updates. In the area of collaboration, these include, for example, Valo TeamWork, Powell Teams and Powell Hub, Solutions2Share Collaboration Manager and Teams Manager, Sintel Forms, Nintex Forms and Workflow as well as Nintex Workflow Cloud, WEBCON BPS and solutions d.velop ecspand for document management or quality management.

Modern intranet

Alight working methodology

In all projects that Alight implements, attention is paid to one essential approach: „Our methodology – your security“. This means that our approach has produced successful solutions for other clients that we can apply to your business. We achieve this security by combining an agile approach with an eye for the big picture.

Part of this agility is individual developments based on customer requirements. In the case of the PIERIS Pharmaceuticals Intranet, this is our self-developed Alight.workplace as the employee’s central cockpit for the daily work overview. This is an application that creates a central overview for the user by aggregating content from different applications using Microsoft Graph, thus making collaboration clearer and easier.