Digital Workplace

At a digital workplace, technology is used to enhance employee collaboration, communication, and productivity. Tools such as cloud computing, collaboration software, and mobile applications are integrated to enable flexible work from anywhere.

Challenges in the digital workplace

No central point of entry

New tools and programs are integrated into the digital workplace on a daily basis. How can a central entry point be enabled?

Information overflow

Many employees struggle to find what they are looking for as they are inundated with information from various sources on a daily basis.

User acceptance

What can be done to reduce entry barriers and support employees in the adoption of new technologies and tools?

Zignals - your digital workplace of the future

Our Digital Workplace platform Zignals seamlessly integrates into your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint environment. With 5 core elements, Zignals consolidates all important information for daily work, promoting employees instead of overwhelming them.

The Zignals Digital Workplace overview

My Meetings

Keep track of your schedule. Schedule new meetings with colleagues or start directly in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

My Tasks

Continue using your preferred task management tool. My Tasks captures all tasks in one place and helps you prioritize.

My Apps

The number of apps and tools in the digital workplace is constantly growing. Here you can define which applications are particularly important to you and gain easy access to the programs.

My Documents

Keep track of the documents you are currently working on - regardless of where they come from in the Microsoft 365 world.

My Teamwork

Whether you prefer working in SharePoint or with Microsoft Teams - My Teamwork connects the different collaboration platforms in the digital world.

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A digital workplace that adapts to your requirements

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