The technological foundation for many of our projects is Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. We tailor the functionality to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. We also utilise technologies from our partner companies for this purpose.

SharePoint & Microsoft 365

The combination of productivity and networking

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 are robust solutions for companies that enable seamless collaboration. From efficient document management to workflow automation, they offer tools for a wide range of workflows. Integrations facilitate access to external resources, while security & compliance protect sensitive data.


SharePoint offers a comprehensive toolkit for building and managing your organisation's intranet for better collaboration.

Collaboration & Communication

Provides a robust collaboration space that enables seamless teamwork and document sharing for internal and external collaborators.

Document Management
With SharePoint and M365, you can easily create, upload and store in a centralised location to ensure everyone is working with the latest information.
Workflow Automation
Provides powerful business process automation features to optimise workflows and automate routine tasks.
Third-party applications can be easily integrated so that the functions of one app can be easily linked with others to create a standardised digital workspace.
Security & Compliance
Provides first-class security for handling different content, documents, internal communication and video conferencing.
Power Platform

Develop solutions independently with the low-code platform

The Power Platform is a collaborative platform that includes a range of low-code tools that make it possible to quickly automate processes and digitise forms. In addition, apps and other useful applications can be created for a wide range of use cases within your company, which can also be used on mobile devices.

Power Automate

Automate organisational processes and increase your company's productivity.

Power Apps

Enable your employees to develop applications for their own business challenges. This is how ideas become business solutions.

Power BI

Provide your team members with data-protected insights and use them to make reliable and well-founded business decisions.

Copilot Studio

Respond even faster to enquiries from your customers or employees and develop chatbots without any programming effort.

Power Pages

Quickly create and launch customised low-code business websites - unify your data and connect customers to key services and information.

Azure & Cloud Computing

Cloud platform for app development and artificial intelligence

The Azure cloud platform comprises over 200 products and cloud services that have been developed to help you tackle current issues and shape the future of your company. It helps you to develop and operate seamlessly.

Application Modernization

Microsoft Azure tools support companies in updating their applications to make them more agile and competitive. Modernisation allows legacy systems to be transformed into scalable and flexible solutions.

Scalability and flexibility

Companies need flexibility in order to be able to react to changing requirements. With Microsoft Azure cloud services, resources can be scaled quickly and easily as required. This enables companies to optimise costs and ensure reliable performance at the same time.

Big data and analytics

In today's data-driven world, comprehensive analysis tools are essential. Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of big data and analysis tools that companies can use to gain valuable insights from large volumes of data. From data lakes and machine learning to real-time analyses - Azure offers a comprehensive range of solutions for data evaluation.

Security and compliance

The protection of sensitive data is of the utmost importance for companies. Microsoft Azure offers security features such as encryption, identity and access management and advanced threat detection. In addition, Azure has a variety of compliance certifications that ensure that data is protected in accordance with industry-specific standards.

DevOps integration

The integration of development and operation is crucial for the continuous provision and improvement of applications. Microsoft Azure offers a variety of tools and services that support DevOps practices, including continuous integration, continuous deployment and automated testing. The seamless integration of development and operation enables companies to shorten time-to-market and improve the quality of their applications.

Serverless Computing

Serverless computing enables developers to execute code without having to worry about managing servers. Microsoft Azure offers a serverless platform that provides scalable and cost-effective solutions for a variety of use cases. With Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps, developers can quickly and easily create scalable and robust applications without having to worry about the infrastructure.



OpenAI technologies provide access to powerful AI models via a scalable and reliable infrastructure. Simple integration and customisable models enable a wide range of applications. With a focus on security and compliance, OpenAI provides a secure framework for companies.

Access to the latest AI models

OpenAI provides access to state-of-the-art AI models developed by OpenAI for natural language processing (NLP), text generation and other tasks.

Scalable and reliable infrastructure

OpenAI utilises Microsoft Azure's scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure to ensure high availability and performance for running AI workloads at scale.

Simple integration with Azure Services

It integrates with other Azure services such as Azure Machine Learning or Azure DevOps and enables developers to efficiently create end-to-end AI solutions.

Customisable AI models

Developers can use OpenAI to adapt and optimise pre-trained models through Azure Machine Learning tools and frameworks.

API access for easy integration

Azure OpenAI provides REST APIs and SDKs for common programming languages to facilitate the integration of AI capabilities into applications, websites and services.

Security and compliance at company level

Azure OpenAI meets industry-leading security and compliance standards, including data encryption, access control and compliance certifications.