Document Management Systems

A document management system based on Microsoft SharePoint provides efficiency and security in data management. With extensions from our partners, we offer companies a tailored solution.

Our DMS Customers and Partners

Benefits of a document management platform

Searchable documents

With the efficient search function of a SharePoint DMS, documents can be found and searched through in an instant.

Accessible everywhere

Your documents are available and accessible everywhere, no more tedious searching for physical documents.

GoBD-compliant archiving

Meet legal requirements with a secure, compliant archiving system. Our solution complies with the GoBD guidelines.

Potential areas of application

Personnel file
Fleet management
Invoice processing
Contract management
Quality management
GDPR documentation
File management
Member management
Regulations portal

You want to digitize your document processes but are not sure how to proceed? Our experts have been developing DMS for over 20 years and are happy to assist you.

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Document management with SharePoint & M365

We utilize Microsoft SharePoint and M365 as the platform for document management systems. We build on the SharePoint standard and extend it through add-ons. These add-ons are either developed individually for your use case or we leverage solutions from partner companies such as d.velop or dox42.

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Technology partners for DMS

Key features at a glance

Tamper-proof archiving

Ensures the immutable storage of documents to meet legal requirements and compliance.

Text recognition - simplified digitization

Automates the conversion of paper documents into searchable electronic files to facilitate access.

Automated processing of invoices

Efficient scanning, validation, and processing of invoices to expedite the process and minimize errors.

Integration with ERP systems

Seamlessly integrates the DMS with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to enhance data consistency and efficiency.

Tagging and keywording
Automatically assigns relevant keywords to documents to facilitate search and organization, enhancing the findability and usability of information.
Filtering and searching documents

Unsorted documents can be easily retrieved and searched through.

Alight offers additional features beyond the typical DMS functionalities in the standard SharePoint, which support collaboration on documents.

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Your document management system with SharePoint

Whether you're migrating from an existing system or planning a DMS from scratch, our experts are here to support and advise you. Harness the capabilities of document management on SharePoint with Alight.

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