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The social intranet serves as a central hub for company news and information. It brings together corporate and user-generated content, optimizes information distribution through personalization, and enhances employee engagement through interactions such as commenting, liking, and discussing. A successful implementation requires user acceptance and thoughtful change management.

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The main components of an intranet on SharePoint

Activity feeds and discussions

Activity feeds display updates on users' activities and posts within the intranet. Employees can comment, like, and share posts to encourage interactive communication.

Publishing and reading news & articles

Editors and employees can share information, receive updates on company events, and gain insights into projects. This promotes internal communication and knowledge exchange, strengthens teamwork, and enhances information distribution within the company.

Customizable search functionality

SharePoint features a powerful search function that enables users to quickly find relevant information within the intranet. This search can be personalized to tailor results based on user preferences and role.

Alight Intranet Toolbox

With our Intranet Toolbox, we offer companies a collection of modular and customizable building blocks. These expand the out-of-the-box capabilities of SharePoint Modern with many essential elements, even without the cloud.

The elements of the Intranet Toolbox

All components of the Alight Intranet Toolbox can be customized to match your corporate design. Colors, icons, and the look and feel of the SharePoint page seamlessly integrate into your company's branding.


With the news module, posts from the intranet can be personalized and displayed in various layouts.

Quick links & favorites

Centrally definable & personally customizable links to intranet content and applications

Appointments & events

Visualize events and appointments, whether at the company or department level, in an appealing manner.

Mega menu

The 3-layer mega menu enables employees to find what they are looking for without long click paths.

Advanced search

Taking SharePoint search to the next level - in addition to standard functions, search results can be filtered and refined.


Expandable accordion module that allows questions and answers to be easily accessible

A-Z - list

Directory for important topics with alphabetical sorting and filtering capabilities


Multilingual searchable terminology database containing abbreviations, key terms, and explanations

In addition to the appearance, the layout of the elements can also be customized according to your preferences. Do you prefer large images or icons or text? Would you rather have many compact elements or fewer larger ones? The flexibility of the toolbox allows for the optimal adjustment of the user experience to your target audience.

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Components in detail

Same components - different look and feel. Our intranet toolbox is designed so that you can easily create your intranet from a basic setup.

Our UX and UI team is here to competently support you in designing each component. This ensures a perfect blend of design and functionality.

Your intranet with SharePoint and the Alight Intranet Toolbox

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