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By combining a variety of services, we assist our clients in effectively generating value from data and navigating successfully in the constantly changing digital landscape.

Potential value creation for your company


Increase your profit margins by an average of 5% - 6% and secure your market position.

Customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by 15% - 20% through targeted customer analysis.
~ Forbes

Revenue growth & gross margin

Companies that analyze customer behavior outperform their competitors by up to 85% in revenue growth and more than 25% in gross margin.
~ McKinsey


Data-driven companies are 3 times more likely to make better decisions.

Operational efficiency
Increase your operational efficiency by up to 25% with big data and analytics.

Your company already produces large amounts of data, but you are unsure how to properly leverage this potential? We're here to help you maximize the value of your data.

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The Data-to-Value process

Data retrieval and aggregation

Most companies generate vast amounts of data but fail to harness this potential. By properly capturing and aggregating data, the foundation for the data-to-value process is established.

Data analysis and interpretation

After data collection, patterns, trends, and correlations are identified. Data mining and machine learning support the analysis and interpretation of the data.

  • Descriptive analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics
Value creation and implementation

The obtained results can be used to identify and exploit new potentials. This could include the development of new products or the optimization of internal processes, for example.

  • AI infused experiences
  • AI infused products
  • AI infused processes

Our approach using a customer project as an example

1. Envisioning - approx. one week
  • Definition of key tasks and objectives
  • Identification of a high-impact business case
  • Value assessment and prioritization
  • Product roadmap
2. Design - approx. one week
  • Validation of use cases & solution architecture
  • Data assessment and label generation
  • Value assessment and prioritization
  • Project plan and product backlog
3. Build & Test - approx. six weeks
  • Data configuration (capture, transformation, etc.)
  • Validation and enrichment
  • Labeling
  • Model hypothesis & architecture
  • Model development and testing
  • Demonstration
4. Deploy & Operate - approx. one week
  • Model deployment
  • Report on value realization & presentation for executives
  • Implementation of ModelOps practices

Unlock the potential of your data - we support you

You already have extensive data assets in your company but are uncertain how to optimally leverage this potential? We're here to assist you in extracting the maximum value from your data and helping you utilize it effectively.

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