Power BI Usage Monitoring

Power BI enables precise analyses for well-founded decisions. But without monitoring, it quickly becomes confusing.

Many companies benefit from the countless advantages offered by the Power Platform. Power BI in particular enables your company’s employees to make well-founded decisions based on precise analyses. However, this can quickly become confusing:

How many users are currently created and how many of them are Pro users with licences in use? How many workspaces are actually being used and how many are actually inactive?

What initially sounds like just an organisational task, however, also has more critical features:

Workspaces created with premium features that are not used can drive the price up to exorbitant levels and tie up urgently needed capacity.
In addition, there is also the possibility of a data protection breach, which can have expensive consequences.

To avoid the points mentioned above, a weekly report of all usage data should be created in the form of a dashboard. This can then be filtered according to the following criteria, for example, to give you a better overview:

Unused workspaces, premium workspaces without data, workspaces without users, user activities.