Wagner – Social Intranet with Microsoft 365

Development of a global social intranet based on Microsoft 365 in combination with Yammer to improve internal communication and collaboration.

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The development of a global intranet for the WAGNER Group is an important step towards improving both communication and co-operation between the various international locations and thus creating a company-wide unit.

A homogeneous intranet based on a standardised technology and structure was the goal of the WAGNER Group. Under the umbrella of a corporate identity, all employees should have worldwide access to information. The social intranet based on Office365 creates a common basis with all relevant information for employees and simplified internal communication via Yammer. Search functions, news feeds, document libraries and communities for the individual teams take centre stage. A modern and intuitive design creates clear structures and the mobile connection to the intranet provides access at any time. A simple and fast exchange of information can now take place globally. Thanks to the excellent interaction between the interdisciplinary teams, a pilot was provided within a few weeks and the project was implemented within two months. The project was then rolled out to the other locations. Taking into account the extensive change management process, the introduction of the new intranet was a very successful project. The results are impressive and sustainable.

The global intranet opens up a new dimension of collaboration for the WAGNER Group! We are happy to have found in Alight a business partner who not only helped us with the technical development of this state-of-the-art intranet but also understood the corporate culture and the diversity of internal needs and implemented them into a convincing solution.

Lisa Wenderoth
Project lead

The WAGNER Group attaches great importance to an intuitive homepage, which is divided into two areas: Activity Stream and Corporate News. The Activity Stream is intended to provide employees with a quicker overview of information and simple, cross-location interaction. Corporate News and Office News, on the other hand, contain company-wide news and information that is targeted at a specific location. In terms of content, the intranet is divided into five areas, consisting of general information about Wagner “We@Wagner”, divisions, locations, team pages and employee profiles. These pages branch out into company information, work areas, news, guidelines and social features. The intranet provides both management and employees with all the information they need at a glance. Project pages and team pages promote collaboration and predefined guidelines are now available to employees as a collection.

The mega menu, which summarises the most important topics in three main points and enables further options, ensures easy navigation. Access is provided by linking the local Active Directory with the Azure Active Directory via a single sign-on. To help employees around the world quickly find their way around the intranet, the so-called “Intranet Help” is available with tutorials and tips on how to use the various features. To facilitate global collaboration, the main menu is available in German, English and Chinese. Thanks to the implementation of a responsive design, the menu is also easy to use on mobile devices. A simplified search function, which also displays content from Yammer, rounds off the successful project.

The company-wide intranet, which we introduced in a short space of time, with flexible collaboration and on budget with Alight, will change the way the WAGNER Group works in the long term. All levels and divisions benefited from the results of the project immediately after the launch.

Markus Moßmann
Group Vice President IT

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