MAN – House of Policies

Reimplementation of the MAN Policy Management Portal "House of Policies" for managing policies for the corporation, as well as its subsidiaries.

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The reimplementation of a comprehensive portal for managing policies for the MAN SE corporation and its subsidiaries is a significant and essential step toward transparency, compliance with policies, and a straightforward and reliable implementation process.

With the MAN House of Policies (HoP) portal, information asymmetries and complex, confusing policy management are things of the past. Policies are made accessible in up to 14 languages and tailored to local requirements.

With the House of Policies, we have created an excellent solution for the policy management of the MAN Group. Thanks to its tailored implementation, it can be operated very efficiently. I am particularly pleased that we have received a lot of positive feedback from all user groups for it.

Boris Fey
Project lead MAN SE

The migration of the existing legacy portal to the new HoP posed common challenges for all involved. The complex policy enactment process and the various types of policies had to be depicted in a manner that was compliant with corporate standards, user-friendly, and visually appealing. This includes group policies of MAN SE, subgroup policies, and company policies. The necessary but extensive approval chain had to be ensured and adhered to accordingly.

User-friendliness is ensured from the start. Upon the first login to MAN HoP, a settings page opens for the employee to assign themselves to the appropriate company role. Furthermore, they select their preferred interface language and document language. Additionally, they can specify additional languages in which policies will be displayed if they are not available in the desired language.

The homepage is kept slim for better overview. News is displayed with a slider. The news management feature allows for the posting of current news. A search function is also provided on the homepage. This enables searching within “My Policies” or across all policies of MAN SE. To simplify the search, restrictions can be applied based on type (Group, Subgroup, Company policy), regulatory or scope, and language. Additionally, a predefined search can be saved and accessed specifically. The administrator can turn a custom search into a public search accessible to everyone.

The “My Policies” tab allows visibility of all policies that are valid for the employee and have successfully passed the necessary approval chain. Likewise, emphasis was placed on a logical sequence. Initially, the employee sees all group policies, followed by subgroup policies. Visibility remains unchanged for neutral and editorial changes. For substantive changes to a master version, approval from all executive bodies in the approval chain is required. Until then, the modified version remains invisible to the employee.

The HoP also features an archive search with all policies, whether currently valid or invalid. Here, users can filter by a specific time period to see which policies were valid for a company in the past.

The reporting section displays where specific policies are located within the various subgroups or companies and whether feedback from the management bodies has been received during the enactment of a policy.

User permissions are finely managed according to company-specific rights management by the administrator. For easy communication, user notifications based on assigned roles are possible.

The extensive reimplementation of MAN HoP was an exciting and enlightening process for both parties. The user-friendly interface rounds off the successful project, enabling easy and secure management and compliance with all MAN policies.

In a highly dynamic environment, changes requested by the business department were always responded to flexibly and with great competence, resulting in successful implementation.

Gordon Petersen
IT project lead

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